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About the Scrap Tire Research and Education Foundation

Mission Statement

STREF is devoted to promoting economically viable and environmentally sound uses for scrap tires through conferences, workshops and other focused venues.



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John Sheerin

Director End-of-life Tire Programs, U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association

Vice President, STREF


Michael Meeks


Regulatory and Legal Research Coordinator, U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association

Email: mmeeks@ustires.org
Phone: 202.682.4845


About the Organization

The Scrap Tire Research and Education Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit research foundation established to support basic and applied research and appropriate educational activities on issues relating to the sound handling and utilization of waste or scrap tires.

The foundation was organized in late 1992 and operates in cooperation with the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association, which is recognized as the leading organization devoted to promoting economically viable and environmentally sound uses for scrap tires.

Research activities may include, but not be limited to issues such as:

  • Utilization patterns of scrap tires
  • Use of recovered scrap tire materials as raw materials to produce new products
  • Technical problems of using tire derived fuel in various utility and industrial settings

Educational activities may include support of seminars, workshops and conferences at which government regulators, scrap tire industry and new tire industry representatives, and other interested parties can share information, debate appropriate issues and develop cooperative strategies to assist in resolving problems associated with sound utilization of scrap tires.